Feist, Raymond E. - Conclave of Shadows 02 - King of Foxes. Read more Raymond E. Feist - Conclave of Shadows 2 - King of Foxes · Read more. King of the Foxes. Read more · King of Foxes · Read more Raymond E. Feist - Conclave of Shadows 02 - King of Foxes. Read more · Raymond E. Feist. King of Foxes (Conclave of Shadows 2). Read more · Raymond E. Feist - Conclave of Shadows 02 - King of Foxes · Read more.

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This second book in the Conclave of Shadows series takes the hero Talwin Hawkins from a shell shocked boy, to a young man driven by revenge to a man who redeems himself and his people. The political intrigues that played out were complex enough to keep the story interesting, but not so deep that they were hard to follow. Hawkins hatches a complicated plan that requires the conclave to assist him in finally carrying out his revenge.

Along the way Tal learns that many of the people involved in hi This second book in the Conclave of Shadows series takes the hero Talwin Hawkins from a shell shocked boy, to a young man driven by revenge to a man who redeems himself and his people.

Along the way Tal learns that many of the people involved in his life were not individual actors but part of something bigger than themselves as well.

Often his "enemies" were simply being used as Tal himself was being used by the conclave. Tal learns that just like the "evil" forces that destroyed his people, Tal had made human life expendable in his quest for revenge. He killed people he had no quarrel with to get close to his eventual target, the Duke of Olasko. The tail ends nicely with Tal achieving some semblance of revenge and redemption.

I did enjoy this book much more than book one but couldn't give it 4 stars for two reasons. First, the author used magic to regenerate lost limbs. And while I guess that was necessary for the dramatic ending, I though the fact that Tal was damage in his quest made him more of an identifiable hero.

He was in essence a fantasy world , a man of many talents and good with the ladies. To have him beaten and broken during book two made him easier to identify with.

Things didn't go his way constantly in his pursuit. His eventual redemption would have been even more powerful if things had not been magically fixed.

It's easier to forgive if you get all your damage body parts back and your health is restored. I felt that the scars of his young life would have meant much more. Finally, I think the complex political intrigue the author built up through two books was complex enough to keep me intrigued, but not too difficult to follow.

The author chose to wrap things up a little too neatly for my taste in the end.

Raymond E. Feist - Shadows 02 - King Of Foxes

I will hold out that he may revisit some of these issues in the final book. While these two drawbacks kept me from giving this book 4 stars, it is not enough to deter me from reading the final book in the series. Feb 16, Ben O'neill rated it did not like it.

In which Raymond E.

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Feist displays absolutely no creativity whatsoever. I know in my review of the first book in the series, I was ranting about what a lovely trait a bit of predictability can be It's pretty bad when you start cannibalizing your own plot lines.

What doesn't suck: Lets skip this part. What sucked: In the In which Raymond E. In the first book, Talon actually developed a little.

In this book, he did not change even slightly--but at the end of the book, the reader is expected to believe he has undergone some sort of metamorphasis into a better person. There was no epiphany, no reason his entire outlook would so suddenly change. His entire life revolved around vengeance, and just as he gets it he decides he wants to be the bigger man?

That's just the author deciding he did in a few sentences. The plot was boring to the extreme. Sometimes I don't think you're even trying anymore, Feist.

It turns out it's the same Big Bad its been in half of his books, but this time only Talon can save him! Because he doesn't have magic!

King of Foxes

Or some such crap. It doesn't really matter. The worst part is I have to read the next one. That's what sucks the most. Deep Thoughts: This book does not warrant any further thought. Sep 03, Alisha rated it really liked it Shelves: Notes for me: Well that was a turn around, the first half of the book I didn't like, Tal was strutting around, murdering people barely with a twitch of his conscience and enjoying the "good to be king" lifestyle a bit too much.

Plus Feist used the phrase unnatural reflexes to describe Tal's quickness way too much. Then it all changed when Tal find himself in the Fortress of Despair. His humility, bravery and resilience in the face of abject misery warmed my heart to him all over again. Quite an e Notes for me: Quite an exciting storyline with the escape and the storming of Kaspar's castle. I liked the simplicity of how Tal beat Laren.

Believable and well earned. I liked seeing Tal reclaim his soul with mercy for Kaspar and forgiveness for Quint.

See a Problem?

Now on to Book 3. Aug 20, Victoria rated it really liked it Shelves: This sequel picked up right where Talon of the Silver Hawk ended. And as Talon of the Silver Hawk, or Tal Hawkins, developed, he became a stronger and more likable character.

Some of the hardships he faced could have made this a much darker book, but lucky interventions in the same vein as the last book, kept Tal optimistic and surprisingly upbeat.

I wonder what will happen in the next book, especially considering the fate of the villain I do hope that Nakor and other series regulars play a larger role in the next book! The series seems to be winding or wending, as this seems to be Feist's new favorite word down, but I remain curious to see where it all goes! Jul 20, Elar rated it really liked it Shelves: Book picks up first book pace very well and one adventure follows an other with even a variant of Count Monte Cristo story. Jan 19, Angela rated it really liked it.

As I have been a long-time fan of his work, I have compared it to The Lord of the Rings books but have actually enjoyed this series more. It is an epic fantasy saga- with wonderful world building and scene setting, and dynamic, vivid and detailed descriptions that will transport you right into the story.

Take some time to explore Mr.

I really enjoyed this second part of the Conclave of Shadows trilogy. It follows Talon as he becomes a man with exceptional swordsmanship skills.

He makes the decision to work for Baron Kaspar in order to find out what he and the magician are up to until he can exact his revenge. Poor Tal suffers a lot more in this story, but I really like his resourcefulness and determination. He's a likeable character, very charming, but also kinda cold at times. As usual, there's something much darker going o I really enjoyed this second part of the Conclave of Shadows trilogy.

As usual, there's something much darker going on under the surface and the ending suggests perhaps Tal will not be involved. This would be a shame as he's become one of my favourite characters and I'll miss him if this is the end of his story.

May 09, Gareth rated it it was amazing. Enjoyed this book more than I remember doing so the first time I read it, and indeed really enjoyed it. Style of it is more similar to Magician than any of the intervening books I feel, with the various time jumps and quite large ups and downs occurring, albeit mainly to one character, vs Magician's wider cast.Not much intrigue or creativity, though.

It's enjoyable, and yes, Raymond E. In which Raymond E. I know in my review of the first book in the series, I was ranting about what a lovely trait a bit of predictability can be The download King of will define used to other download moment. This was a tedious but good read. Talon or Tal as he is called seems to be moving up into the ranks until he fails to carry out and order and ends up in prison.

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