Автор: Barbery Muriel + Anderson Alison, Книга: The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Серия: Rue de Grenelle, Жанр: проза. The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Home · The Elegance of the Hedgehog Author : Barbery Muriel. 46 downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD. This books (The Elegance of the Hedgehog [PDF]) Made by Muriel Barbery < Book details Author: Muriel Barbery Pages: pages Publisher: Turtleback Books Language: English ISBN ISBN This is a moving, funny, triumphant novel that.

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download or read book online in pdf or epub. The Elegance of the Hedgehog is one of best books released on containing pages, this book written. The Elegance of the Hedgehog (French: L'élégance du hérisson) is a novel by the French novelist and professor of philosophy Muriel Barbery. You might have been looking for Elegance Of The Hedgehog elsewhere and Hedgehog in various digital formats include epub, doc, docx, pdf and mobi.

Ignored by her parents and her school, Paloma plans to commit suicide on her thirteenth birthday. As the lives of Renee and Paloma unfold and overlap, the rough parallels in their lives become obvious, both in their isolation and in their need to hide their talents. When one of the apartment residents dies, Kakuro Ozu, whom Renee thinks may be related to the Japanese film maker that she most admires, moves in.

Paloma, too, is impressed with Ozu, bemoaning the fact that he has moved in just as she has decided to kill herself. It is one of those rare books with a special inner quality that makes you ponder over life in a way only very few others can.

After turning the last page, I was left staring into space, feeling bereft. I wished there was more to read, yet its ending befitted the whole tale.

I now understand why it received so many wonderful reviews in France recently and why it became such a literary success. It fully deserves it. Paris, present day. Its inhabitants all belong to the upper class.

She is, by her own admission, dowdy, unattractive, often grumpy and wants everybody to believe that she is the stereotype of all concierges, blending into the background, almost featureless.

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Besides, it's in my best interests that no one suspect a thing. Adults have this neurotic relationship with death, it gets blown out of all proportion, they make a huge deal out of it when in fact it's really the most banal thing there is.

What I care about, actually, is not the thing in itself, but the way it's done. My Japanese side, obviously, is inclined toward seppuku.

When I say my Japanese side, what I mean is my love for Japan. I'm in the eighth grade so, naturally, I chose Japanese as my second foreign language.

The teacher isn't great, he swallows his words in French and spends his time scratching his head as if he were puzzled, but the textbook isn't bad and since the start of the year I've made huge progress. I hope in a few months to be able to read my favorite mangas in the original.

Excerpt: 'The Elegance Of The Hedgehog'

Maman doesn't understand that a little-girl-as-gifted-as-you-are wants to read mangas. I haven't even bothered to explain to her that "manga" in Japanese doesn't mean anything more than "comic book. In short, in a few months I might be able to read Taniguchi in Japanese. But back to what we were talking about: I'll have to do it before June sixteenth because on June sixteenth I'm committing suicide.

But I won't do seppuku. It would be full of significance and beauty but. I really have no desire to suffer. In fact, I would hate to suffer; I think that if you have decided to die, it is precisely because your decision is in the nature of things, so you must do it in a gentle way.

Dying must be a delicate passage, a sweet slipping away to rest. There are people who commit suicide by jumping out of the window of the fourth floor or swallowing bleach or even hanging themselves! That's senseless! Obscene, even. What is the point of dying if not to not suffer?

I've devoted great care to planning how I'll exit the scene: every month for the last year I've been pilfering a sleeping pill from Maman's box on the night-table. She takes so many that she wouldn't even notice if I took one every day, but I've decided to be particularly careful. You can't leave anything to chance when you've made a decision that most people won't understand.

You can't imagine how quickly people will get in the way of your most heartfelt plans, in the name of such trifles as "the meaning of life" or "love of mankind.

A few regrets, maybe. But the world, in its present state, is no place for princesses. Having said that, simply because you've made plans to die doesn't mean you have to vegetate like some rotting piece of cabbage. Quite the contrary.

The main thing isn't about dying or how old you are when you die, it's what you are doing the moment you die. In Taniguchi the heroes die while climbing Mount Everest. Since I haven't the slightest chance of taking a stab at K2 or the Grandes Jorasses before June sixteenth, my own personal Everest will be an intellectual endeavor. I have set as my goal to have the greatest number possible of profound thoughts, and to write them down in this notebook: even if nothing has any meaning, the mind, at least, can give it a shot, don't you think?

But since I have this big Japanese thing, I've added one requirement: these profound thoughts have to be formulated like a little Japanese poem: either a haiku three verses or a tanka five verses. My favorite haiku is by Basho. The fisherman's hut Some crickets!

Now that's no goldfish bowl, is it, that's what I call poetry! But in the world I live in there is less poetry than in a Japanese fisherman's hut. When, this summer, I heard on the news that some Africans had died because a fire had started in the stairway of their rundown tenement, I had an idea.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog is a novel by writer Muriel Barbery. In this novel, Renee Michel is a concierge who believes that every concierge is perceived as unintelligent by those for whom they work. For this reason, Renee goes to great lengths to hide the fact that she often spends her days reading Marx and Tolstoy.

It is not until Renee meets new tenant, Kakuro Ozu, that she finally finds a person with whom she can truly be herself. At the same time, Paloma Josse is struggling with the same sort of identity crisis. She is a highly intelligent girl who feels she must hide her real thoughts from those who do not understand her.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

In befriending both Renee and Kakuro, Paloma finds a way to relate to the outer world and find pleasure in life. The Elegance of the Hedgehog is a novel of personal identity that will inspire the reader to face life head on, rather than hiding behind masks that are designed to deceive not only the outside world, but ourselves as well.

Renee Michel is a concierge who goes to great lengths to hide her extraordinary intelligence from the tenants of the building where she works. When Renee's husband was alive, it was easy for her to hide her intelligence through his common habits, but after his death, Renee has found it more difficult to hide her lack of interest in television and her love of Marx and Tolstoy.But one thing is sure — there's no way I'm going to end up in the goldfish bowl.

Actions Shares. And since it has been written somewhere that concierges are old, ugly and sour, so has it been branded in fiery letters on the pediment of that same imbecilic firmament that the aforementioned concierges have rather large dithering cats who sleep all day on cushions that have been covered with crocheted cases.

But in the world I live in there is less poetry than in a Japanese fisherman's hut. At the same time, Kakuro befriends Paloma after learning that she is studying Japanese in school. Paloma and Ren?

Dismayed by the privileged people around her, she decides that life is meaningless, and that unless she can find something worth living for, beyond the "vacuousness of bourgeois existence", [2] she will commit suicide on 16 June, her thirteenth birthday. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.