Law Of Contract By Rk etgabentisttus.ga Free RK. Agrawal U.P.D. Kesari Paras Diwan to their respective rights and oblig. Law Of Contract By Rk etgabentisttus.ga Free Download Here etgabentisttus.ga etgabentisttus.ga%20(3%20YDC)%20SYLLABUS. Law of Contract 1 - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Allahabad Law Agency, - Contracts Part 1 of Law of Contract, R.. K. R K Bangia Law Of Contract etgabentisttus.ga - eBook and Manual Free. Download our r k. Get this from a library! The Indian Contract Act. [R K Bangia]. Title added during pdf - Indian contract act Ed. 14th BANGIA ( RK) Law of torts Ed. 22nd BANGIA (RK) Law.

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Trespass to Land, Nuisance c. Torts related to Reputation: Defamation d. Negligence, Contributory Negligence, Res ipsa loquitor e. Vicarious Liability b. Strict Liability and Absolute Liability c. Rights and duties of Consumers c. Unfair Trade Practices, Defects in Goods d. Services: Types of Services , Deficiency-meaning e.

Consumer Protection Councils f. Semester — I Paper : V M. Need and Importance of Legal Language b.

One word Substitution c. When he is prevented from resorting to other openings, it may exert some pressure upon his mind and he may be persuaded to go ahead with the performance of his contract. This type of remedy is known as preventive relief. This is granted by issuing an order known as injunction. This is also known as a mandatory injunction.

Sometimes it may happen, that a person who is entitled to some status or character or has a right in some property but is being denied the enjoyment of his right by other parties. Under Chapter VI of the Specific Relief Act, he is allowed to proceed against any person who is denying or is interested in denying him his right. Ushaben V. If only the religious sentiments of the plaintiffs were hurt that did not amount to nuisance.

The plaintiffs were free not to see the movie again. Issue of injunction to restrain the defendants from exhibiting the film was refused by the court. The Specific Relief Act is has a number of advantages and benefits but it has flaws too.

The Specific Relief Act is concerned only with the enforcement of civil rights and not penal laws which is its main incapability that it cannot punish the wrong doers. The other main loop hole of Specific relief act is that it does not have power to give injunction which means that is an equitable remedy in the form of a court order that compels a party to do or refrain from specific acts.

A party that fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties, including possible monetary sanctions and even imprisonment. They can also be charged with contempt of court.

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Further when we compare this very act with the Civil Procedure Code , we are able to criticize the Specific Relief Act We can say in other words that CPC in a way fills the incompetency of this act.

Section 19 :- Suits for compensation for wrongs to person or movables. Where a suit is for compensation for wrong done to the person or to movable property, if the wrong was done within the local limits of the jurisdiction of one Court and the defendant resides, or carries on business, or personally works for gain, within the local limits of the jurisdiction of another Court, the suit may be instituted at the option of the plaintiff in either of the said Courts.

Illustrations a A, residing in Delhi, beats B in Calcutta. B may sue A either in Calcutta or in Delhi. Section 43 :-Execution of decrees passed by Civil Courts in places to which this Code does not extend. Any decree passed by any Civil Court established in any part of India to which the provisions of this Code do not extend, or by any Court established or continued by the authority of the Central Government outside India, may, if it cannot be executed within the jurisdiction of the Court by which it was passed, be executed in the manner herein provided within the jurisdiction of any Court in the territories to which this Code extends].

Section 62 :- Seizure of property in dwelling-house. Where immovable property is sold in execution of a decree and such sale has become absolute, the property shall be deemed to have vested in the downloadr from the time when the property is sold and not from the time when the sale becomes absolute. Section 88 :- Where interpleader suit may be reinstituted.

Where two or more persons claim adversely to one another the same debts, sum of money or other property, movable or immovable, from another person, who claims no interest therein other than for charges or costs and who is ready to pay or deliver it to the rightful claimant such other person may institute a suit of interpleader against all the claimants for the purpose of obtaining a decision as to the person to whom the payment or delivery shall be made and of obtaining indemnity for himself: Provided that where any suit is pending in which the rights of all parties can properly be decided, no such suit of interpleader shall be instituted.

The Act is based on the principle of equity and is used for granting specific relief for enforcing civil rights. It has no application in enforcing penal laws. The Specific Relief Act, contained the principles of equity, justice and good conscience. The need for a new statute suited for the new requirements lead to the enactment of the Act of From the preamble of the Act, it is clear that the Act was not an exhaustive one.

It only deals with certain kinds of specific reliefs and there are other reliefs about which the Act was silent and are used by the courts.

The Act is a procedural law and provides a network of reliefs. The plaintiff, under the Act gets his relief in specific.

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Sections 5 to 7 of the Act contained provisions regarding recovery of possession of property. It include both immovable property Section 5 and movable property Section 7. Any person having right of possession of the property can recover it by the application of provisions of Code of Civil Procedure. Section 6 prevents a person from possessing immovable property of another without his consent otherwise than by due process of law, without considering the question of title.

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A suit for recovery of such property under S. Chapter II of the Act deals with the specific performance of contracts. This is an equitable relief granted by the court to perform the contract when there is a breach of the same.

The provisions regarding rectification and cancellation of instruments and the rescission of contract were incorporated in Chapter III, IV and V respectively. The Act enable the parties to rectify the documents which are mistakenly executed.

The instruments in writing and written contracts can be rectified on the ground of fraud and mutual mistake. While raising the loan, the directors stated that the amount was needed by the company for its development, downloading assets and completing buildings.

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It was held that the directors had committed a fraud. Mere silence is no fraud It has been noted above that to constitute fraud; there should be a representation as to be certain untrue facts.

Active concealment has also been considered to be equivalent to a statement because in that case, there is a positive effort to conceal the truth and create an untrue impression on the mind of the other. Mere silence, however, as to facts in no fraud. He also knew that the house is going to be occupied by B immediately.

It was held that he had committed no fraud. Neither the head of the law department nor the university authorities made proper scrutiny to discover the truth.

It was held by SC that there was no fraud by the candidate and the university had no power to withdraw the candidate on that account. When silence is, in itself, equivalent to speech, such silence is a fraud.

When there is a duty to disclose facts, one should do so rather than to remain silent. ASHA GOEL [4] , the apex court explained: The contracts of insurance including the contract of life insurance uberrima fides and every fact of material must be disclosed, otherwise, there is good ground for rescission of the contract. The duty to disclose material facts continues right up to the conclusion of the contract and also implies any material alteration in the character of risk which may take place between the proposal and acceptance.

If there are any misstatements or suppression of material facts, the policy can be called into question. For determination of the question whether the suppression relates to a fact which is in the exclusive knowledge of the person intending to take the policy and it could not be ascertained by a reasonable inquiry by a prudent person.

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Marital status — Non-disclosure Non-disclosure of material facts relating to parties to the marriage has been held to constitute fraud within the meaning of section 17 of the Indian Contract Act, She was married to the respondent, Bhaire Prasad Srivastava, the second time.

The fact of the annulment of the first marriage on the ground that she was an idiot was not disclosed to the bridegroom either by the girl or her parents. It was held that it was not the duty of the bridegroom to find out these facts, but it was the duty of the girl or her parents not to conceal these facts.Soon you will leave this website. The sale is voidable at the option of A. Sections 34 and 35 provided this relief under which a person can approach the court for declaring his right or status over some property.

Legal Language and Legal Writing - P. The Act applies in cases where Court can order specific performance of a contract or act. The Act is a procedural law and provides a network of reliefs. You might never come here again or remember the name of this website i. Fitzmaurice [1] , a company was in great financial difficulties and needed funds to pay some pressing liabilities. Thank You Have a healthy and successful day. Common Intention and Common Object c.