PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks Interchange 4th Edition Level 1 Student Book Cape May, New,JeN. Download for free Cambridge by Jack Richards - INTERCHANGE tifth all edition english course формат (format): MP3, PDF, CD-EXE, FLV A new interactive DVD-ROM in the back of the Student's Book for self-study practice, includes full. New Interchange 1 Student's Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. New Interchange 1 - Student's Book.

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Documents Similar To Interchange 4th INTERCHANGE FOURTH EDITION Uploaded by. Daniel Palomares G. new interchange 2 student. Interchange Student's Book 1, 3rd Edition. Home · Interchange Student's Views 47MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF New Interchange. Read more. Interchange Level 1A. Unit 1 printed in your book and will be spoken only one time. . Justin is on TV again in Disney's The New Mickey Mouse Club.

A: And when did you graduate?

B: I graduated last year. Now I work as a salesperson. Then 3. A: Did you have a favorite teacher when you were ask them to check their answers. B: Yes, I did. B: He taught English. Look Up and Speak! Play the audio program to present the questions and statements.

Divide the were you born? Did you grow up there? Note A any common grammatical problems. Ss complete the exercise individually and then go over answers in pairs. Ss listen develop skills in listening for detail and complete the chart. Where are they from? What do you think Yu Hong Ajay they miss?

Interchange 4th 1-SB.pdf

Ss are going to hear interviews with two 2. Play the audio program.

Have Ss form groups. Then let them choose six questions to answering any questions. S: Hello. Nice to meet you. For more practice asking and answering past T: Nice to meet you, too. So, where did you go to tense questions, try Ask the Right Questions on elementary school?

S: In Peru. In Lima, actually.

See a Problem?

Remind Ss to ask follow-up questions and give additional information. Point out the useful Do your students need more practice?

Then ask Ss to look at the vocabulary list Note: Additional examples are italicized. Let Ss use Model the task with one or two Ss.

Write additional words form pairs and take turns talking about some of their on the board and encourage Ss to add them to their childhood memories. Go around the class and give own maps.

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Explain the meaning and pronunciation of help as needed. Answers For more practice with childhood vocabulary and Hobbies Places past tense verbs, play the Chain Game on collect comic books beach paint summer camp page T Start like this: play chess tree house S1: Many years ago, I played chess. Go around the class and give habitual actions with used to in context help as needed.

Explain any new vocabulary. Write this sentence on the board: hand every time they hear a statement that is When I was a kid, I used to be very messy, but now true about them. Explain the task.

Ss silently read the Then have Ss work in pairs to discuss the changes. Perspectives section. Check that Ss understand the In elementary school, I used to like homework.

If section of positive statements with used to Answers: possible, write the phrases on posters, and display them on 1, 3, 5, 7 , and negative statements with used to the classroom walls. Answers: 2, 4, 6, 8. I used to be messy.

Ask the the Grammar Focus box. Then point out how class to guess who wrote the sentences. Ss act out statements from the Perspectives section or make up their own. Point out the reduction of attention to the pronunciation of used to. Ss write three more questions to B Class activity ask each other.

For more speaking practice, play Just One Minute Go around the class and give help as needed. If Ss on page T Alternatively, have Ss assigned as homework.

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Elicit homework. Write the topics on the board. Ss take turns reading their from Exercise 10 as additional topics e. Add these to the list on the board. Ss write a draft paragraph is false. Then they should use that information to wall or bulletin board for others to read.

Have Ss include statement. Progress checks after every two units allow students to assess and monitor their own learning. New to this edition is a Self-study section with a free audio CD. The six-page units provide additional practice in grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.

Each Workbook follows the same sequence as the Student's Book, recycling and reviewing the language from previous units. It is appropriate for in-class work or as homework. Also included are the listening sections of the Progress checks and Quizzes.

Student Self-study Program. Videos offer dramatized and documentary sequences that reinforce the language presented in each Student's Book unit. Richards has created a very successful tool - useful for not only instructing your students, but also for inspiring them. The immediate benefits of using Interchange show themselves very quickly: This makes class more fun and keeps students' interests high.

Please Note that we are no longer shipping out the 3rd Edition. If you need a 3rd Ed.

To order the latest Interchange series please use this link - Interchange 4th Edition. We accept download Orders only from schools and universities inside the United States.

All others must prepay. Contact us with any questions.Teachercom 's Council. It provides pre- and post-viewing tasks for the learner. The series focuses on both accuracy and fluency, and features contemporary topics. Ask Ss to work in pairs to brainstorm what they know about actress Nicole Kidman. To order the latest Interchange series please use this link - Interchange 4th Edition Level 2 Low Intermediate Please Note that we are no longer shipping out the 3rd Edition.

Each unit includes up to date content, additional grammar practice, and more opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills. The underlying philosophy of the course remains that language is best learned when it's used for meaningful communication. Progress checks after every two units allow students to assess and monitor their own learning.