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Shadow Masters: An International Network of Governments and Secret-Service Agencies Working Together with Drugs Dealers and Terrorists for Mutual Benefit . To ask other readers questions about Shadow Masters, please sign up. Be the first to ask a Daniel Estulin paints a dark picture of the way world actually works . Preview and download books by Daniel Estulin, including Shadow Masters, Tavistock Institute, The Octopus Deception, and many more.

There was not one piece of evidence. He was just a poor man caught in a very big game, which is much bigger than he is. RT: That was what I was about to ask you.

We know that the Viktor Bout operation has gone badly wrong for the United States of America since the day when his extradition from Thailand was not performed. The Thai side, at least the court of the first instance, decided to give him a chance.

They said that the indictment was not funded with any evidence; basically, what you are saying now. But if, for instance, the whole thing had worked in the way it had been planned, what would have happened? DE: Well, I think it still can be, because in Thailand unfortunately the Supreme Court does not rule on these decisions. And if he is convicted, he will be sent to the United States. And if he is free, then he can obviously go back to Russia.

But the point is that the United States government has shown plenty of times over especially the past decade since September 11 that it is no longer a republic that so many of us have looked up to as a beacon of freedom and hope for so many years. It has become a Nazi state of government which is not run by the president or the people, but by secret societies who understand that we are entering the end game.

And Viktor Bout unfortunately is just an unwitting victim in this entire game. Had there not been Viktor Bout, there would have been another Viktor Bout out there.

You mentioned a possible secret tribunal. But how can a case of this magnitude which is absolutely famous in the world, how can a case of this size, of this fame can be hushed down or tried by a secret tribunal? DE: First of all, famous in the world is not fundamental for America, because what might be famous to the rest of the world, the United States' attention span is very-very short.

Famous in the world is something like Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl. Or some famous Tiger Wood love affair. That's famous for the United States. The media, the world media — especially the Western media — forms part of the world's elite. What these people have been able to do over the past 50 years, they have been able to convince people that what they see on television, on the nightly news, or what they read on the front page of their local or national newspapers, has to be the truth.

And as the Americans believe what the mainstream press tells them, the fact is that they will spin the Viktor Bout story any way they want. And when everybody in unison tells the same story, with slightly different two degree of separation angle, they are going to say — Well, it has to be the truth, because all of the media are telling me the same story: that Viktor Bout is an arms dealer; he is a merchant of death; the proof is irrefutable.

People like Daniel Estulin are conspiracy theorists.

Not only that but he is not even allowed in the United States, so he has to be a terrorist, because again it's good and bad, it's us and them, it's American apple pie and everybody else, it's a very simplistic concept.

RT: Do you think that even the total lack of evidence in court will not help Viktor Bout to defend himself? DE: In the United States — absolutely not.

You have to be a Houdini, a magician multiplied by factor of ten million to actually have a fair trial, a fair shake. It's not about the truth; it's about getting a guy, a patsy, to go to prison, so America could feel safe and feel good about themselves, about being the beacon of truth and hope. And that's what it is all about.

That's why people like Douglas Farah can actually live and prosper and be very-very wealthy in a country like the United States. There is no hope of Viktor Bout ever getting a fair trial in the United States.

See a Problem?

And that's unfortunately what's going to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, your host, Jason Hartman. This is your host Jason Hartman, where we talk about protecting the people places and profits you care about in these uncertain times.

We have a great interview for you today. And we will be back with that in less than 60 seconds on the Holistic Survival Show. And by the way, be sure to visit our website at HolisticSurvival. He is a very interesting guy with a few books out and one of them is The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, but that prompted him to write another book about transhumanism.

Welcome, how are you? Daniel Estulin: Thank you so much for the invitation. And very well, blaze of glory, as we say on this part of the world.

Merchant of Death case is a pantomime – author

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. And there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the Bilderberg group.

And then I guess a report you found prompted you to write a book about transhumanism. Tell us how that all came together. As we discussed a little bit before the interview, there are a lot of crazy conspiracy theories out there and I would like to dispel some of them.


Bilderberg Group is not a conspiracy theory. It was a very important element of the oligarchical structures of the cold war period in the 50s and the early s. And that, in and of itself, is a pretty significant factor because what it meant was that Bildeberg was a vehicle which private, financier oligarchical structures were able to impose their policies on what is normally sovereign governments.

And I guess the biggest scandal part of the whole Bilderberg conspiracy was that it was heavily populated by people who came out of the old World War II Nazi apparatus, people such as Prince Bernard, one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group, or Walter Hallstein, the key Nazi [] legal papers, the whole concentration camp philosophy of Hitler was based.

And Hallstein became the first president of the European Commision. And so these Nazis who are basically cleaned up and dusted off and employed by these super national organizations become a hardcore element of the cold war anti-Soviet structures in the west. No, Bilderberg is not a secret society. There is no conspiracy but a lot of people their infantile fantasies see it as such. Bilderberg trilateral commission counts to foreign relations, [] Circle, Bohemian Grove, and all these other organizations, private and semi-secret — none of them are secret.

Well, very interesting. And so where did the transhumanism part come in, though?

Bilderberger Secrets/ Psychic Skills

Daniel Estulin: Back in , I started researching Bilderberg back in really. It would be just like saying the republicans will disappear and Ku Klux Klan will take over and become the opposition to the president, the democratic party.

And I kind of looked at this and I said to myself why would they do that? And then 10 years later, in , from one of my well-established sources at the Bilderberg conference, I got part of a report which later became a secret source document on the future of humanity and the document was called Strategic Trends Report And this document literally dealt with the future of humanity. Jason Hartman: Explain what transhumanism is then. Is it the mating of human and machine? Is it that simple or is there more to it?

With Bilderberg it was easy. We saw the pictures, the documents there, meeting points, so on and so forth.

Now, transhumanism is an ultra-high tech dream of computer scientists, philosophers, neural scientists, and many other futurists. What part man, what part machine?

But the ideas that these people have go from everything such as, for example, they believe by They call this the period of cybernetic immortality, the beginning of that period. They are convinced that in one generation, Jason, bodies made of nano-robots will be able to take shape or rise alongside hologram bodies and by we will have reached the era of neo-humanity. But these concepts are about forever to change the very face and the definition of humanity.

Is it your soul? We have to define all that. But just the simplistic question is is that the fountain of youth? But let me give you a couple of examples.

Basically, what the scientists have done is they have taken a cell and modified the genes of a cell by inserting DNA from another organism. And so the bacteria replicated itself, thus creating a second generation of second DNA. Now, what does it mean? It means that scientists today can create a living organism under the control of man.

And this technology has taken mankind across a threshold. And singularity would occur at a point in which artificial intelligence surpasses the capabilities of the human brain, from cyborgs with very long lifespans to downloading consciousness into itself, into a machine.

Now, if you actually analyze the terminology as it was described in the Strategic Trends Report, , the whole concept of transhumanism was born out of humanism which is yet another clever disguise of scientism created specifically so that global eugenics operations could be carried out without being noticed, in other words, population reduction by new scientific menas.

Jason Hartman: Scary stuff, scary stuff. I mean, do you believe any of these arguments? To a certain extent, very basic extent, some of it is true. There are 7 billion people on the planet Earth. Are we still gonna be here? Yes, we are. How about years? How about , years from now? I think probably another couple hundred years is more than enough.

And, again, for them to eat, most of us have to die. But there are ways to kills us and not to kill us off. Jason Hartman: Okay, but before you get to that, Daniel, just let me address. If you actually look at the financial meltdowns, you can go back to the biggest one in the history of the world was in Welcome to Holistic Survival, your key resource for protecting the people, places and profits you care about in uncertain times.

People are a cost, a liability. But some people look at people as assets. You may also be interested in receiving updates from our podcast via RSS or via email if you prefer.

Shadow Masters

In fact, the only other Spanish author that has sold more books than I have, ironically, enough was Cervantes. All we need to do is nurture these people, nourish them intellectually, culturally, physically, and emotionally, and then we have these 7 billion people to discover this and help humanity except the Rockefellers of this world.

The Rothschilds and associated groups supported Trump, while the Rockefellers and others were for Clinton, he declared, adding that even wealthier families, above these two factions, were not represented by either group. So, when they try and actually to sell you a story of, you know, an elusive man, who is smarter than everybody else, who is at the same time a degenerate fool — you cannot be both things at the same time.